ProBe’er editing and translation services based in Ethiopia, Africa, is a leading translation service provider. We work with over 200 native linguists in Ethiopia and Africa.

We support the following languages:

  • Amharic translation
  • Oromo translation
  • Tigrinya translation
  • Afar translation
  • Somali translation
  • Gurage translation
  • Agaw translation
  • Ge’ez translation
  • Kunama translation
  • Nuer translation
  • Anuak translation
  • Dassenech translation
  • Hadiyya translation
  • Hamar translation
  • Kambatta translation
  • Konso translation
  • Majang translation
  • Nyangatom translation
  • Sidama translation
  • Swahili translation
  • Arabic translation
  • English translation
  • French translation
  • German translation
  • Portuguese translation
  • Russian translation
  •    Chinese translation

If the language you want is not on the list, then contact us.

We work with professional language translators who possess the required qualifications to provide you with uncompromising service that meets strict quality guidelines.