ProBe’er Editing and Translation Service, based in Ethiopia, Africa, is committed to delivering industry-leading professionally transcribed documents. All our transcription services come with a guarantee of 99% accuracy for good audio.

If you want quality audio transcription services, then ProBe’er is the place you should come to. We know how valuable your time is and how urgently you need to get that work done. Hence, we always strive to keep our turnaround time short.

We are committed to providing top quality and affordable transcription services to our clients by maintaining absolute transparency, dedication, and integrity. We provide all kinds of transcription services.

At ProBe’er we like to believe that no audio or video is too hard for us. We do our best and what you get is next to perfect. Now you no longer have to fear on missing out on important context. Our professionals are highly trained and you will get the best service possible. 


The price of each transcribed file is calculated on the basis of per audio/video minute.

Our transcription services are affordable and meet the industry requirement.